Scott Wilson

AMC’s ‘Talking Dead’— the chat show that immediately follows ‘The Walking Dead’ on Sunday nights– and its host Chris Hardwick took a moment to pay tribute to fallen former ‘TWD’ cast member, Scott Wilson, who passed away on October 6th, at the age of 76, due to complications from leukemia.  Wilson played the survivors’ wise counselor Hershel Greene from Seasons 2 to 4.  He had also recorded a cameo for the current ninth season.

Hardwick recalled that he, the cast and creators had just held a panel at New York Comic Con, where it was announced that Wilson would be appearing on the show, along with other former cast members, when they learned of Wilson’s passing.

As Hardwick recounted:

“We came off stage and almost immediately found out, then after that, that Scott had sadly passed away.


“Of course, we’re all going to look forward to seeing Scott reprise the role of Hershel, as emotional and bittersweet as that is. But I just had to say Scott was such an incredibly kind and talented man and elevated every room that he was in. He was someone that I really cared deeply about, and I always enjoyed seeing him.”

Hardwick also explained that the tribute to Wilson was being delivered now, as opposed to the October 7th season premiere, because that episode of ‘Talking Dead’ had been pre-recorded when the cast was in Los Angeles for the season premiere event, prior to Wilson’s passing.

In this clip, which ‘Talking Dead’ has shared via Twitter, you can see and hear Hardwick’s tribute as well as a brief montage of photographs of Wilson on the set of ‘The Walking Dead’.