Ever since we heard that Shane West would be playing Bane on the final season of ‘Gotham‘, we’ve been wondering what he would end up looking like, and now Fox is showing us. This will be the third try for a live-action take on the iconic villain who would end up breaking The Bat as we all try to forget that Robert Swenson played him in 1997’s ‘Batman & Robin’ while translators are still trying to figure out what Tom Hardy was trying to say in 2012’s ‘The Dark Knight.’ Now, we’ve got our first look at West in costume wearing a mask and vest which seems to have had better days.

Let’s hope that this won’t be his final look for the show or was taken at a bad angle as it doesn’t instill confidence about what the series is going to be delivering.

You can take your first look thanks to ‘Gotham’ writer and producer Tze Chun right here:

Intimidating isn’t the first word that comes to mind to describe this take on Bane. While we already knew that his origin would be changed for the series, as so many of The Dark Knight’s villains have had the same treatment, this one just feels off from what we’ve seen so far. The costume doesn’t feel up to the quality that we’ve seen from the production team so there might be something going in during post-production to finish off the look of this iconic villain.

Are you excited for this take on Bane? What do you think of the costume choices which Fox ended up making? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Gotham’ will rise on Fox for its fifth and final season in 2019!