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While Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Supergirl may be among the most iconic female comic book characters, there is one that often gets overlooked and that has been around for longer than any of them– Lois Lane.  Making her first appearance in 1938’s ‘Action Comics’ #1, Lois is possibly the most famous mortal supporting character in all of comic books, and any time there is an adaptation of ‘Superman’, whether it’s on TV or film, animated or live action, you can bet Lois will be right by his side.  Now that Tyler Hoechlin has made a few appearances as Superman on The CW’s ‘Supergirl’ and will be playing a larger role in this December’s ‘Elseworlds’ crossover between that show, ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’, it only makes sense that the Arrowverse is introducing their version of Lois.

Elizabeth Tulloch (‘Grimm’) is the latest to join the Lois League, along with Joan Alexander, Noel Neill, Phyllis Coates, Dana Delany, Teri Hatcher, Kate Bosworth, Amy Adams and of course Margot Kidder.  Tulloch will make her Arrowverse debut during the ‘Elseworlds’ crossover, but if you’d like a glimpse of Tulloch as Lois, it’s Supergirl to the rescue.  Via Instagram, Melissa Benoist shared a tease of herself, Hoechlin and Tulloch in a more casual setting, presumably the Kent farm from the upcoming story.


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two kryptonians and a journalist walk into a crossover 👨‍👩‍👧

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This year’s crossover event is now shooting and will air in December.  For this storyline, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Flash’ will swap time slots, with ‘The Flash airing on Sunday night and ‘Supergirl’ on Monday.  The first installment airs on December 9th, at 8PM EST.  Part two airs on Monday, Dec. 10th and Part 3 is on Tuesday, Dec. 11th.