NYCC 2018 Peter Serafinowicz The Tick

Last year, comic book fans rejoiced as we saw Ben Edlund’s big blue hero ‘The Tick’ return to live action with an all new television series for the Amazon Prime streaming service! It’s been a while since Season One wrapped up, so now we’re getting ready for the launch of Season Two, which is expected to drop on Amazon’s Prime streaming service early next year. But after dealing with the massive threat that was Jackie Earl Haley’s ‘The Terror’ in Season One, what new challenges can we expect to see our heroes The Tick and Arthur face in the upcoming new season? Is the world ever truly saved from the forces of evil? Is The Terror gone for good? Will The Tick find his true purpose? And where has he come from?

We were recently able to meet up with ‘The Tick’ series star Peter Serafinowicz, who plays the titular hero on the show,  at New York Comic Con 2018 to talk about the upcoming Season Two of the series!  We delve into where ‘The Tick’ is now in Season Two, what he’s been up to lately, and just what it’s really like running around in a big blue bug costume all day on set!  So why are you still reading? You can check out our full interview with Peter Serafinowicz below!


So after all of that, how excited are you for ‘The Tick’ Season Two? Were you a fan of what they did with Season One? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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