If there’s one thing that we’ve come to learn from ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC, it’s that we should expect the unexpected. Anyone can die at anytime, even some of the show’s most loved characters. And just like that, they might pop up again. No one thought that we’d see Lori, Shane, or Merle again, but they were heard from again. Now, another character that was thought to be long gone is being rumored to appear in the second half of the current season of the acclaimed zombie drama.

In the last episode before the mid-season hiatus, we lost a lot of people in the epic battle for control of the prison. One of them was the maniacal Governor who plagued Rick and his group since the days in Woodbury. The character played by David Morrissey was as evil and twisted as they come, but he met his demise after an all out war. After the episode aired, the actor hinted that there might still be more stories to be told when it comes to the Governor, but no concrete details emerged. However, TV Guide has recently shared a scoop about the returning series that indicates that the villain will return:

“Don’t expect to see too many familiar faces since Rick and Carl take center stage when the AMC drama returns. While Rick heals from his beating from The Governor — whom you will see again — Carl will lose something very important to him. (No, not his innocence!) In other news, it won’t be long before [Michonne’s backstory] is blown wide open.”

One would assume that the only way that we’d see the man once known as Philip Blake is in a flashback, but remember that Lori popped up as a vision in Rick’s head. This show can bring him back in a number of ways, but based on what Morrissey has said in the past, we might get some more of the Governor’s past revealed before we say goodbye to him all together.

How do you think The Governor will return to ‘The Walking Dead’? Do you welcome the villain back with open arms or do you think that he should stay dead? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns to AMC on Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 9:00pm.