For anyone that has been extremely excited to finally see the Shogun World episode of ‘Westworld’ this season (including my friend Carlo, who frankly cannot shut up about it), you do not have much longer to wait! This Sunday is finally the big episode! And HBO has decided to tease the whole thing by releasing 7 images from the episode ahead of time for us to examine, which you can check out below.

The episode itself is titled ‘Akane No Mai,’ which roughly translated means “Akane’s dance.” Since one of the new characters we meet (and who is pictured below) is named Akane, I am guessing most of the episode will be about her, with the characters we know being a bit secondary during this introduction (especially if, as Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan previously stated, most of the episode is subtitled, I think it is a safe bet that we will be mainly seeing characters from Shogun World speaking, not the ones from Westworld where everyone speaks English).

Also cool to see in the episode is Hiroyuki Sanada, a veteran character actor who has popped up in a lot of big movies and TV shows over the years, including ‘The Last Samurai,’ ’47 Ronin,’ and ‘Lost’ (to name a few), and who looks to have a prominent role in Shogun World, at least according to the picture provided.

There’s a lot to examine in these pictures, and a lot of interesting details in the clothing and the background, such as the photos of Hektor and Maeve in kimonos, Armistice who appears to be a prisoner, a shot of samurai in Shogun World, the aforementioned pictures of the Akana character and Sanada’s character, and one lone shot of Dolores, which tells us that her story will at least be partially explored in the episode, which clearly will not be entirely about Shogun World if we are going to bounce to the Dolores storyline.

Check them all out for yourself below, and feel free to share any new thoughts or theories you may have in the comments!