Is An 'Alien" TV Series In The Works?!

After ‘Alien: Covenant’ didn’t draw in the crowds at the box office, it seems like a new iteration is finally in the works, as an ongoing television series! Rumors are flying that a streaming service has decided to invest heavily in the Weyland Corporation and delve back into the mythology of these alien creatures. While Ridley Scott wanted to make two sequels to his film that were more about artificial intelligence, it seems that idea may have officially been scrapped as was long suspected to happen and a new direction is being plotted out.

It should be noted that this comes from an anonymous source according to the YouTuber Mr. H Reviews. He has previously brought a few other scoops to the table so you can’t just take this news with a grain of salt, but if it is accurate, then a streaming service will be pushing it forward sometime soon. At this time there is no news on the plot, who would be behind or in front of the camera, or even an episode count.

One can only hope that it involves space marines and has more of the feel of the first two films in the franchise. As Ridley Scott’s follow up films will likely not go into production and Neill Blomkamp having stressed that he is no longer interested in creating his film, it seems that this might be the most likely way that we’ll get more live-action Xenomorphs in our lives. That is, outside of the upcoming documentary ‘Memory: Origins of Alien as to how the original movie came together, the ongoing short miniseries’ that Dark Horse Comics puts out, the six upcoming short ‘Alien’ films, and the yearly novels from Titan Books.

Are you excited about the idea of an ongoing ‘Alien’ television series? What would make or break you being able to check this out? Which streaming service do you feel may have picked this up? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant