'Suicide Squad 2

With the fresh news that James Gunn is writing and likely directing ‘Suicide Squad 2‘, you can’t help but wonder why Gavin O’Connor (‘The Accountant’,’Jane Got a Gun’) is no longer helming the film. O’Connor felt like a good fit for the film being able to mix action and a plot in a way which the first movie stumbled while trying to pull off. While some might believe that the recent announcement of Gunn tackling the project could have pushed the previous director out of the way, it seems he was already on his way out the door.

A Variety reporter claims to have inside knowledge about the matter and it sounds like the real reason he is leaving the production is what he had planned out was far too similar to what ‘Birds of Prey’ is planning on doing which is higher on the list of importance to get into production for Warner Bros.

There are rumors that the movie could be a full reboot though I believe a soft reset is more what the studio would have in mind. With Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn being in ‘Birds of Prey’ and having a strong future still planned out in DC’s films, you can’t help but think she won’t be recast. However, as she was free at the end of the last movie, it is doubtful that they’d be able to easily bring her into the mix. Still, there are plenty of ways they could mostly start over as the ‘Suicide Squad’ roster is vast from years of villains rotating through its ranks.

Do you feel that the shakeups at Warner Bros. may cause other creators to leave DC films? If you were Gavin O’Connor and your entire script was shot down after moving so far into pre-production would you be frustrated to the point of leaving the project as well? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Collider