Andrew Lincoln

While Rick Grimes is still alive and kicking in ‘The Walking Dead‘ comic, we know that Andrew Lincoln‘s time on the show is coming to an end and now know a bit more as to what to expect. In his final episode, Lincoln’s departure is being compared to a major death from the comics which happened recently in the grand scheme of things. We’re still not fully convinced that the series will be killing off Rick for good, but if this feels like the loss of said major character, it seems impossible that he isn’t on his way out the door.

Which character is his departure being compared to you might be asking? According to the new showrunner Angela Kang:

“I think in some ways I just had to think of – okay, if I had to write the series finale for this character or, you know, just like a finale for this character, because in the comic books there are also some major exits. So kind of the closest analog we can think of, in terms of impact, of the characters that left in the comic, was when Andrea died in the comic. That was sort of this huge momentous death of a very, very long-running character arc. And so, we were just looking for inspiration in that. Like, how do you create a story that feels like it has its own arc while also at the same time creating the seeds for the episodes that follow, since, obviously, it’s not the end of the series – and there’s so much more story to tell.”

Andrea was among a small horde of Walkers and taking them out while saving her friends. While going up against the undead who have become trivial to take out at this point, she gets bit. After this occurs, we follow how her death is going to cause Rick to lose one of the few people most important to him. One can easily assume that we’ll see Rick get bitten and Michonne has to go through this grieving process. However, we just saw this play out with Carl so it might feel a bit repetitive if they went the exact same route.

How do you think Andrew Lincoln’s Rick will end up leaving ‘The Walking Dead’? Will he end up dead or is this all a smokescreen so he can take an extended break?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant