‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ fans the world over have been dying for new details about the upcoming Picard series from CBS All Access and executive producer Alex Kurtzman has shared a few details about the series. For anyone who is worried about the strange set of stories which ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ has given us with new drives, someone from the Mirror Universe being part of Section 31, and some very strange uniforms, the first piece of news that Kurtzman shares should make you very happy.

“The Picard show shouldn’t feel anything like Discovery. It’s not going to look like Discovery; it’s not going to have the same values. We want every show to feel unique so that you’re not just signing up for an experience and you get the same one every time.”

While Kurtzman, of course, won’t tell us any solid details about the series, he did share that “We pick up Picard 20 years after (The Next Generation).” What that means for Jean-Luc is anyone’s guess at this time. It isn’t clear if we’ll still see him in Starfleet, but we’ve previously heard from Marina Sirtis that none of the original cast from The Next Generation had been asked to appear in the series.

That doesn’t mean it couldn’t still happen just at the time it hadn’t. We’ve already seen James McAvoy volunteer to appear on the show if it needed a younger Picard for a flashback sequence and Wil Wheaton would love to reprise his role as Wesley Crusher.

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Source: Digital Spy