Greg Nicotero

We know that Andrew Lincoln will be leaving AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead‘ when Rick Grimes departs and likely bites the big one in the upcoming season and now special effects master and director Greg Nicotero is sharing his thoughts about the star’s departure. Fans of the comic have no idea how the series can continue without either of the Grimes being alive, but this could put the series on a bold new course with exciting new tales to tell. It could also backfire and lose the interest of viewers for a show which already has declining ratings.

Die or leave the community, Nicotero shares that the entire crew felt it was important to not “turn our back on the fans” and give Grimes a proper send off. We already know that the actor is planning on returning to the series to work behind the camera but whether he comes back in front of it will depend on how the upcoming season treats his last appearance. I, for one, feel that he’ll end up dead.

As to Lincoln no longer being part of the series as an ongoing character, Nictotero states:

“We wanted to give his story a send-off that people would know that we were paying tribute to his journey. It was really important to us. Him and I worked a lot on that story. I grew up with the f—ing guy. I’m old. Everything that we’ve been through together. Day One on set. I got to watch him blossom as this amazing actor.”

However, the master of creating the look of the undead for the franchise goes a step forward about sharing his feelings for the actor. The two shared a special connection from an important moment in Nicotero’s work on ‘The Walking Dead’:

“When I directed that first episode, he was the only guy I said, ‘I’m scared s—ess.’ I said, ‘I’ve never fucking done this before. I don’t even know if I’m doing it… ‘ I had my little charts and maps about where the camera would go.
I just wanted to be really prepared. That episode, Frank Darabont said, ‘Do you want a zombie-heavy episode or a zombie-light episode?’ I’m like, ‘That’s a trick question. Let me think.’ I said, ‘Give me a zombie-light episode because I know how to shoot the zombie stuff.’
He gave me an episode with every single character sitting in a room, 12 Angry Men, debating whether they were gonna kill somebody or not. I said to Andy, I’m like, ‘Dude, I’m f—ing scared s—less. I want this to be really good. I’ve never done this before, but I’m just gonna do what I feel comes naturally to me.’ Then I go back, and I watch that episode, and I’m like, ‘There’s no way I did that, having never directed ’cause it’s so cool!’
He’s like, ‘Dude; you’ll be great. He said, ‘I’ll be with you every step of the way,’ and every time I pointed the camera at him, and I knew he was there. He’s still here. That’s what I feel when I look through the camera. I’m getting a little emotional, but yeah.”

So there you have it, Nicotero was calmed down by Lincoln which is the type of story that the cast and crew for ‘The Walking Dead’ have been sharing for years. Everyone claims that Lincoln is just a great guy to work with and is willing to give 100% while helping those around him deliver there best, this is another example of just that.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns to infect AMC for its ninth season on October 7th, 2018!

Source: Comic Book