Star Wars Resistance

Anytime there is a new “Star Wars” property these days it would appear that Disney is having Marvel Comics put out a companion book. It’s starting to sound like that will be no different for ‘Star Wars Resistance.’ At this year’s Noris Force Con, it is being reported that Ingö Römling, who is a frequent artist for the franchise, is working on a new series which is based on the characters who are being introduced in Disney XD’s upcoming animated series.

It is being shared by Jedi-Bibliothek that “Römling could not reveal much about the project yet, but was enthusiastic about the designs of the series and the work behind them. Especially the anime designs, as they contribute something new to the Star Wars saga. Incidentally, these comics will be different from the ones IDW Publishing will be bringing to Star Wars Adventures in November.”

The new animated feature is set to take place six months before ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ as General Leia has tasked Poe Dameron in expanding their spying network on the First Order. As details are scant, it isn’t clear how the new comic will tie into the series at this time. With early introductions to most of these characters only occurring when the show is released next month, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was initially more of a focus on small missions that don’t flesh out who the characters will become or if there would be an increased focus on Leia and Poe.

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Disney XD will debut ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ on October 7th, 2018 at 10 pm. It is unclear when the new comic series will be launched at this time.

Source: Comic Book