Christopher McQuarrie Edge Of Tomorrow

Remember ‘Edge of Tomorrow’? In addition to being one of the more enjoyable sci-fi/action movies in recent years, it’s arguably the perfect Tom Cruise movie. After all, if you like Tom Cruise, he’s the lead! And if not? He dies a few dozen times in the course of the film!

But all joking aside, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ was a solid action film with an intriguing premise. But for all of its promise, the film didn’t quite live up to expectations at the box office, leaving more in the realm of “cult classic” than “blockbuster.” Much of this has been attributed to its half-hearted marketing, which – among other things – saw the studio (sort of) change the film’s title for the home video release. This “marketing reboot,” if you will, incorporated the film’s tagline – “Live. Die. Repeat.” – into the title, which is usually given as some variation of ‘Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow’.

Despite the film’s lackluster performance, there has been persistent talk of a sequel ever since its release in the summer of 2014. Tentatively titled ‘Live Die Repeat, and Repeat‘, the sequel is said to see Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt reprise their roles and bring the series to a definitive end. Director Doug Liman is particularly enthusiastic, believing that it will “revolutionize how people make sequels.”

With Liman and the other principals seemingly eager to return, the sticking point now appears to be finding a script that everyone is happy with. But even though Liman announced earlier this year that the film could very well be his next project, things have been notably quiet since then. And so, in a recent Twitter Q&A session, co-writer Christopher McQuarrie was asked whether or not the film was still happening. In his own words:

That may not be the news fans of the first film were hoping for. But whether one finds it encouraging or not depends on which part of McQuarrie’s tweet you focus on. After all, the writer having “no idea how or when” the film might get made isn’t exactly cause for celebration. But in the same breath he confirmed that they are working on it nonetheless, and given the evident enthusiasm of all involved, that can only be good news.

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