We already know that the fifth and final season of ‘Gotham‘ is going to go out with a bang and now we’ve learned when it is supposedly debuting. The series will finally introduce a young Bruce Wayne in his first outings as Batman, finally give us another potential Joker, Magpie, the Mutants, and now we’re also meeting Bane’s father. There is a lot to fit in for both The Caped Crusader who is operating out of a new Batcave and his rogue’s gallery and March 15th, 2019, is the date that everything is going to kick off. Or it could be in January? Read on to find out where the confusion is coming from.

One major source of ‘Gotham’ news has been reporting the March date initially stating it “Comes from an official TV guide that’s always reliable.”


Now, before you start marking your calendar I did also mention a potential January release above. The confusion comes in as they’ve since added an additional statement that:

So, you’ll either be able to freshly ring in the New Year with ‘Gotham’ giving us the fifth and final season or it’ll be airing on March 15th, 2019. At this point, it really isn’t something that can be fleshed out until either Fox or one of the show’s social media accounts can confirm the official day and time.

While I can’t wait to see how this telling of “No Man’s Land” will evolve the story of a young Bruce Wayne, it almost feels like too much is being crammed into too small of a space if the rumored 10-episode count proves to be true.

Do you think that we’ll be seeing the final season in March or January of 2019? What story arc are you most excited for of those who have been revealed so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below!