The Brotherhood strikes again as they continue to try to dismantle Artie’s life while Steve tries to find a way to break the connection between him, Claudia and the metronome. As for Pete and Myka? They do what agents do best: find and neutralize artifacts.

At the warehouse, Steve is looking in the database to find information about the metronome. Artie promises to help him after his “date” with Dr. Vanessa (hubba hubba).  Myka and Pete come after finding the special bicycle bell that Artie sent them out to get. It’s a gift for the good doctor. After much ribbing from the peanut gallery, Artie confides that things have been going well between him and Vanessa and that he’s considering asking her to move in with him at the Warehouse/B&B. Myka tells him that’s a good idea.

At a Thrift Shop in Rapid City, South Dakota, volunteer worker Kristen unwraps a mirror that was donated to the shop. Attached to the mirror was a camera flash attachment with the sign “Click me.” What’s a girl to do? Well, click it of course with the flash pointing straight in your face. The flash temporary blurs her vision and she begins to hear a little girl’s voice asking for help. She faces the mirror and sees an image of a girl (for long time fans you may recognize her as Alice Liddell from the episode ‘Duped’). As Kristen reaches out toward the mirror, a transference occurs.

When Kristen comes out from the back, she is giggling like the girl in the mirror. She asks the Priest where L’etoile is but he doesn’t understand. Kristen/Alice becomes playful and looks at the time and tells him she doesn’t want to be late. Since he doesn’t know where L’etoile was, she stabs him. Kristen/Alice gets into a van and drives away. When Kristen looks in the rear view mirror, you see Alice. As she is unbuttoning her shirt to show some skin, Kristen/Alice runs a red light and gets t-boned.

Pete and Myka arrive at the hospital where Kristen is restrained in a gurney. (Don’t ask how they got there or whether they got pinged. They’re just there.)The agents talk to the Priest and ask if she’s been in contact with old objects while in the background, Kristen is doing her best Linda Blair imitations sans spinning head. The Priest tells them they work in a thrift store so, uh, yea.

The agents walk into Kristen’s room to introduce themselves but Kristen calls them by name. They try to question her but Kristen/Alice is so psycho (after all, Alice is a murdering homicidal mad woman) that they instead decide to see what at the thrift store could have caused Kristen’s behavior.

Later that night, Pete and Myka go to the thrift store and spray neutralizer spray on objects hoping to find the aritifact when a light in the back room catches Myka’s attention. When they go in, they see broken glass on the floor and blood drippings. Pete finds the flash attachment that says “Click Me” and does so with the flash bulb pointing in his face. (Really?)

Myka realizes that it’s mirror glass on the floor. They find an ID tag that confirms that the mirror belonged to Lewis Carroll. Myka is confused as she remembers they locked the mirror in the Dark Vault and now it’s out. She reminds Pete about the rule of the mirror: nothing comes out unless something goes in. They realize that Alice is now free and in Kristen’s body.

At the hospital, an orderly tends to Kristen/Alice’s wounds and she seductively asks him where L’etoile is. He tells her as she is exuding her womanly wares in his face and convinces him to loosen the straps on her arm. When he loosens the straps, she nowcks him out, grabs a sliver of mirror from her bagged possessions and heads to L’etoile.

Myka and Pete head back to the hospital and rush into Kristen’s room only to find her gone and the orderly with a broken nose. Myka orders him to close down the hospital and follows the drips of blood. They find Kristen outside and she seems dazed and confused. She tells them the last thing she remembers triggering memories in Myka when she was trapped in the mirror. Alice has jumped into someone else and stole an ambulance.

Claudia tells Pete and Myka that she has tracked the ambulance and gives them the coordinates. Steve runs through the history of the mirror and about Alice for those who have missed that episode. Claudia and Steve go look for a containment artifact to trap Alice and to find out how the mirror was removed from the Dark Vault. Claudia calls Leena to help them.

In the Dark Vault, Claudia finds a black diamond. Steve remembers seeing a box of them at the storage space when he went there with Artie. Claudia is confused – what storage space? Steve tells her that Artie was supposed to tell her about the storage space they found filled with stolen artifacts and the people doing this is after Artie. Claudia decides to look at the security feeds. Leena arrives and knows exactly what artifact is needed to trap Alice.

Alice can’t drive as the agents find the ambulance abandoned and obviously involved in a crash. Myka sees the ambulance driver and they head toward her. Alice jacks both the driver and his car by flashing a piece of the mirror into his eyes and jumps into his body. She gets away but not before setting the gas station on fire. Realizing they are in over their heads, Pete and Myka call Artie.

Vanessa and Artie are having a wonderful dinner and he tenderly holds her hand and asks if they could see more of each other. (Yeah, I’m a sucker for romance!) Just as things are going good, Artie gets a phone call from Pete who tells him that Alice is loose and headed towards L’etoile. Artie realizes that’s the name of the restaurant that he’s at with Vanessa. Just then, the waitress comes with champagne. Artie looks down at the serving tray and sees Alice’s reflection. He tells Pete to join them and sees the large knife behind her back. Artie manages to shove her back and runs away with Vanessa. He sets the fire alarm causing a panic and giving them time and space to escape. The agents find Artie and Vanessa and they surmise that Alice is hunting someone. Artie realizes that she’s after him.

Back at the warehouse, Leena tells them to find a hookah that can draw the spirit out of a body and trap it. Unfortunately, it is in the pile of unstored artifacts that is stacked several feet high. Claudia spots it near the top of the pile and starts climbing. As she does, she knocks over a crate causing a lightning rod to fall and shock Steve. Claudia feels the shock go through her. Leena witnesses the whole thing and sees their aura switch. When it’s all over, Claudia says she’s fine but Steve is concerned and asked if she felt any pain. Leena confronts Steve and wants to know why their auras swapped.

The agents look in the crowd and try to find Alice. They use Myka’s mirrored glasses to look for Alice’s reflection among the crowd. Just then a fireman walks by Pete with an ax and it sets off Pete’s vibes. They try to subdue the fireman but Alice body jumps into another person and watches afar in the body of a businessman.

They decide to set a trap with Artie as the bait. They head back to the restaurant and Vanessa asks how she can help but Artie wants her gone. He finally reluctantly sends her to watch the elevators.

As everyone takes their positions, Myka tells Pete she sympathizes with Alice and explains the cause of her madness but Pete doesn’t sympathize.

Steve then finds the body of the businessman that Alice had possessed and look up to find that Alice body-jumped into a bellboy’s body. He grabs Vanessa and backs her into the elevator. It’s then that Artie realizes that it’s Vanessa she’s after.

Vanessa and the bellboy head to Vanessa’s room but the team gets there in time to use the Tesla gun on Alice. Artie rushes to Vanessa while Pete and Myka examine the bellboy’s body. They can’t find the mirror shard! That’s because Alice body jumped into Vanessa and is now holding Artie hostage with the mirror shard against his neck.

Everyone aims their Tesla gun at Artie and Vanessa/Alice and drags him into the bedroom. Artie realizes that it was Brother Adrian who sent Alice to kill Vanessa because he won’t undo the astrolabe. Alice tells Artie that she plans to do unspeakable things to this body before cutting his beloved Vanessa’s throat.

Just then, the agents break open the door and Artie uses the distraction to elbow Alice and get away. Claudia uses the hookah but it affects Pete. Alice uses this opportunity to body jump into Claudia who then goes after Artie with the mirror shard.

Artie flashes back to his nightmare where Claudia stabs him with a dagger as Alice approaches him. Steve jumps in front of Artie and the mirror lands into his shoulder. Claudia/Alice feels the pain and Myka grabs her. Steve removes the mirror piece from his shoulder and places it in front of Claudia’s face and orders Alice to get out. They toss the mirror shard in a neutralizer bag.

Vanessa is stunned and doesn’t know what happened. Artie tells her it’s over: the ordeal and their relationship. He tells her he can’t keep seeing her as a target because of him and doesn’t want to take the risk. Vanessa won’t accept it. She doesn’t want their relationship to end. As he walks away, she stops him and says that when he realizes that cutting himself off from everyone is wrong, to call her. He watches her walk away realizing he never gave her the bicycle bell.

At the B&B, Steve tells Claudia everything but she is understanding and tells him they are a team and will figure out how to bypass the metronome consequence.  Myka, Pete, Steve and Claudia get together to figure out what Artie is hiding and what the black diamonds indicate.

In the Dark Vault, Artie is yelling in the Vault assuming that Brother Adrian is hiding there somewhere. He tells them that he is the one cutting him off from the people he cares about. He checks on the astrolabe to make sure it is still in its hiding place. Artie vows that he will find Brother Adrian and stop him.

As he leaves, Leena emerges from the shadows…

Could Leena be working with the Brotherhood? Was Artie’s nightmare already fulfilled? What evil has yet to arise from Artie using the astrolabe? Or is the torture for Artie to lose his mind? There’s four more episodes left before the show is on hiatus so let me know what you think of the episode!

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