American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Two episodes down and fans are still wondering, “When is this crossover going to happen?”  After all, the current season of ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ was touted as a crossover between ‘Murder House’ (S1) and ‘Coven’ (S3), but so far viewers have only gotten teases.  There’s the adult Michael Langdon, played by Cody Fern, the son of human ‘Murder House’ resident Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) and the Rubber Man.  Michael is believed to be the anti-Christ who brought about the apocalypse that kicked off the current season.  There was also the inclusion of the Fleetwood Mac song ‘Gold Dust Woman’ played on a loop in the bunker.  That single features vocals by none other  than Stevie Nicks, a self-proclaimed witch in real life, who made a couple of guest appearances on ‘Coven’.

But writer and executive producer Tim Minear says that the elements from earlier seasons are coming and soon.

“I would say that it’s going to happen before you know it, and when it happens it will snap your head around your neck.”

It may not have snapped necks around, but in the second episode, fans were treated to a return by S1’s Rubber Man, when the gimp-like figure descended from the ceiling and had sex with Mr. Gallant.  But what fans were puzzled by is the fact that in ‘Murder House’, the Rubber Man was unmasked as being Tate Langdon, the ghost of a teen who went on a killing spree at his high school before being gunned down by the police and sentenced to spend eternity haunting the house in which he was raised.  Both Tate and Mr. Gallant are played by Evan Peters.  So, was this a scene of Peters having sex with himself?  (It wouldn’t be the first time.  See: the gym shower scene in ‘Cult’.)

Though he didn’t touch on that, Minear did discuss the nature of the Rubber Man and hints that there may be more to him than viewers realize.

“Well, look, if you go back to ‘Murder House’, I think you were probably asking the same questions about Rubber Man. Sometimes he seemed ethereal, sometimes he seemed corporeal, and sometimes he was kind of a combination of both. And I think that all of that applies.

“On ‘American Horror Story’ it’s often a kind of dream logic — but there is a logic to it — but it’s a dream logic. So, yeah, we’re in an apocalypse, but if that place isn’t haunted, I don’t know what is.”

Some have speculated that maybe it wasn’t Tate in the suit, but rather someone else… like maybe Michael Langdon.  But that seems unlikely, as the character himself said:

“I wouldn’t f*** you if you were the last man on earth. And you practically are.  You’re pathetic. I can see why your grandmother is disgusted by you. Why else would she report you? Make them do this to you? I’m sure she hoped they would put you out of your misery. She’s the reason you’re staring at a death sentence. She would do anything to increase her odds of getting out of here. You know, she hates your guts.”

But could this be a power play, similar to Kai’s manipulation of Samuels (Colton Haynes) in ‘Cult’?  Could Michael be tearing Gallant down in order to build him back up to suit his needs later on?

Hopefully, Minear isn’t just teasing fans and the ‘Coven’ witches show up soon and the pieces of this puzzle begin falling into place.

‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ airs on FX on Wednesday nights at 10pm EST.

Source: The Wrap