Following the cancellation of his show ‘Comic Book Men,’ Kevin Smith is on the hunt for a network that will save it from obscurity. AMC announced it would be axing the show last month, and it became just one of several cancelled shows across all networks.

The fun and quirky show featured Smith and his friends Brian, Walter, Mike, and Ming hanging out in Smith’s comic book store. While the friends discuss all things sci-fi and pop culture, customers would bring in memorabilia they are hoping to sell. Think ‘Pawn Stars’ for nerds!

The show ran for seven seasons, putting out 96 episodes before it was cancelled and fans have made their feelings about the cancellation known. Following the outcry from fans, Smith took to Twitter to confirm that he has pitched the show to other networks. While thanking fans for their support, Smith promised that he would keep everyone updated on the progress of the show.

If ‘Comic Book Men’ was picked up by another network, it would join the ranks with shows like ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ which was cancelled by Fox and picked up by NBC. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that the show could end up on a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.

The cancellation of ‘Comic Book Men’ must have been a heavy blow for Smith, as he recently announced that ‘Clerks 3’ would not come to fruition. Smith and his fans can look forward to ‘Jay and Silent Bob’ returning for a new VR Series and ‘Jay and Silent Bob The Reboot,’ which is allegedly starting production in August.

Check back for more news about ‘Comic Book Men’ as it becomes available!