Predator Holiday Special

If you are in the mood for a cross-genre pollination of insanity, Christmas cheer, blood, violence, and stop-motion, look no further than the recently released ‘Predator Holiday Special!’

Released earlier this week on Comedy Central (and now available online thanks to the generous Holiday spirit of the folks at FOX), the special pays homage to the classics like ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ in its look and tone, at least until the Predator arrives, and all hell breaks looks. What follows is a violent and immensely entertaining (aka hilarious) montage of the Predator taking down various reindeer (including classic like Dasher and Prancer), who are all suited up to take him down, all while the mild-mannered elf Sprinkles lies bloodied on the ground, one of the first victims. It all comes to a close when the Predator approaches Santa’s workshop and he is finally taken down by the head reindeer, right as more Predators arrive with a gift basket of eggs for Santa. But before they can leave, Sprinkles comes back, and takes his revenge, killing all of the Predators using some hidden martial arts talents and a knife he pulls of out nowhere. And of course, the whole thing ends with one of the eggs in the basket Santa was holding cracking open (aka ‘Alien’), and Santa looking down in horror. Perhaps next year we’ll see Santa, Sprinkles and the reindeer face off against Aliens…

Anyways, it is a hilarious way to promote the new ‘Predator‘ on DVD and Blu-Ray and celebrate the holidays, and since stop-motion is so quaint nowadays, it is always fun to see it used in any manner, especially one such as this. And who knows, maybe we will indeed see the further adventures of Sprinkles and Santa as they square off against any number of holiday invaders in the years to come.