Silver Surfer

Despite the looming merging with Disney, it seems 20th Century Fox has no plans to slow down their current slate of Marvel movies currently scheduled and/ or in production, with this year alone bringing us ‘Deadpool 2‘ on May 18 and ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix‘ on November 2nd, and many more planned for the future including ‘Gambit’ (which admittedly still needs a director, but it has been greenlit), ‘New Mutants’ (getting some reshoots, but still almost done), and ‘X-Force’ (the spin-off of ‘Deadpool’ starring Cable and Deadpool). Stated one 20th Century Fox executive while speaking on their Marvel franchises:

“We are going 100 miles per hour.”

Latest rumor has it that Fox even has some secret projects underway under their Marvel franchise, including a ‘Doctor Doom’ movie being produced by ‘Legion’ showrunner Noah Hawley, and a ‘Silver Surfer’ movie being written by the great Brian K. Vaughn, who fans may know as the co-creator of comics such as ‘Saga,’ ‘Y: The Last Man,’ and ‘Runaways.’

While the ‘Doctor Doom’ movie was previously spoken about at Comic-Con last year, this is the first we have heard about a standalone ‘Silver Surfer’ movie, especially since the character was most associated with the terrible ‘Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ movie that flopped and killed the first attempt at the ‘Fantastic Four’ franchise. Still, the Silver Surfer has the potential to be a unique and interesting character up on the big screen if done properly, and not follow the same formulas of all the other superhero movies out there. Of course, if done poorly, he could end up the boring and one-dimensional character we saw in that ‘Fantastic Four’ movie, so there is a fine line, but here’s hoping Brian K. Vaughn is up for the challenge.

We’ll report more on the ‘Silver Surfer’ movie as we hear it, until then, feel free to share your thoughts on the potential of the film in the comments below!

Source: THR