SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information that may be considered SPOILERS for the pilot episode of ‘Titans’, so proceed with caution.

‘Titans’ is now less than a month away and will be offered on the brand new DC Universe streaming service, which launched this past weekend.  Spoiler TV just unleashed a slew of new images from the pilot episode which give fans a glimpse as to what to expect from the series.  (The pictures did not seem to be in any particular order, so I tried to arrange them, based on descriptions I have read of the pilot.)

First up are two images of The Flying Graysons, featuring a young Dick played by Tomaso Sanelli and his parents.  Essentially, we have a Before:

And After:

Dick’s parents were killed by a mobster who attempted to extort the circus’ owner Jack Haley.  Bruce Wayne happened to be in the audience and witnessed another boy orphaned as he had been as a child.  He took the boy in and eventually trained him to be his sidekick Robin.

Here we have a clear look at Brenton Thwaites as an adult Detective Dick Grayson.  On the series, he has moved to Detroit to distance himself from his dark past as Robin.  (No explanation for why they chose Detroit over the fictitious Blüdhaven, which serves as Nightwing’s stomping grounds in the comics.)

These pictures seem to be taken from the infamous “F*** Batman” sequence.  This scene ruffled feathers when it appeared in the ‘Titans’ trailer, not just for the explicit language, but the harsh violence, including bone crunching sound effects and images that seemed to depict Robin gunning down his prey.  We’ll have to wait and see how the scene actually plays out in the pilot.

Here we have Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth a.k.a. Raven.  You can see her walking by a mailbox which reads “Roth” so obviously this is early in the episode as she is still living at home with her mother Arella.

Presumably in this picture, she is on a school bus, as we know that Rachel’s inability to fit in at school will be a subplot for the series.  Or, she may have gone on the run after an attack, in which she had to flee her home.

Speaking of that, here it appears Rachel is eating at a soup kitchen for the homeless, indicating that she has fled her home.

However, it doesn’t look like she got far enough from whatever is pursuing her.

Here, Dick Grayson finds and helps Rachel.

Reportedly, Dick takes Raven to stay at one of Bruce Wayne’s penthouses.  Looking at this car, while Dick wants to distance himself from his mentor’s dark ways, he doesn’t appear to have turned away from his money!

Here is Anna Diop as Starfire or Koriand’r.

Reportedly, in the pilot, she attended a ’70s disco themed party when she was attacked by armed gunmen and the driver of the car she is in is killed. She is forced to flee in her disco costume and wig, which explains her outlandish appearance.

Here she is being attacked, but the setting isn’t clear.  Is this her home?  Is it the Wayne penthouse?

And here is the most bizarre photo of the bunch.  She is standing in what appears to be a burning room, with a man that has been burned to a crisp (by her?) but is still standing and even appears to be holding a pistol.  Starfire herself is holding an 8X10 of Raven.  Why does she have it?  Is the same criminal or criminals after the both of them?

Finally, here is a shot of Dick overlooking the city.  What does the future hold for them?

Ryan Potter‘s Garfield Logan/Beast Boy isn’t shown and there has been chatter that he doesn’t appear in the pilot at all.  It may be best that they aren’t throwing them together too quickly, and are pacing the story in a way that the characters are really developed and come together in a more organic fashion.

‘Titans’ will be available on DC Universe beginning October 12, with new episodes released on subsequent Fridays.  The first season is expected to contain 12 episodes.