If I didn’t know better I’d think there was an all new ‘Captain America’ movie coming out soon. After being away from the shield for a while, Steve Rogers resumes the mantle of Captain America in this all new adventure and after spending most of the 2oth Century frozen in ice, the world needs Captain America now more than ever.

Writer Ed Brubaker, decided to make this #1 a nice kick off point for folks who go to the movie and then decide they want to know more. ‘American Dreamers: Part 1’, features the funeral of Peggy Carter (she will be played by the beautiful Hayley Attwell in the film opening this Friday). Now, if you see the movie before you read this issue; yes Nick Fury is the white guy with the eyepatch. No, you are not mistaken, that was Samuel L. Jackson playing him in the movie (and every Marvel Universe movie thus far). That’s out of the way, back to the book.

Ed Brubaker knocks this story out of the park and Steve McNiven’s artwork is amazing. The story flows quickly, but with plenty of detail giving more than enough information about the history of Cap and team to satisfy noobs and fanboys alike. McNiven’s art captures the emotion, especially the pain of the characters as they face loss and the confusion of a returned ally turned adversary.

If you are not a Captain America fan, this a great point to jump on board and become one. If you are a Cap fan, you will be pleased to see this new modern tale of everybody’s All-American Hero working to save the day. I was already excited for the feature film coming out on July 22 – after reading this #1 issue I can barely contain myself.

It doesn’t matter if you get this book before or after you see the movie, just make sure you go pick up this book. I know it has already been added to my monthly pull-list so I’ll be sure not to miss a single issue.