Iron Fist

And now we are at the endgame, with the first of the final 3 episodes of Season 2 of ‘Iron Fist’ (titled ‘Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance’), which has A LOT going on. As always starting with the Danny and Colleen story, Colleen trains Danny, and she literally holds no punches, working him very hard despite his busted leg (which seems to be just fine, thank God for magical Rand technology). Danny very quickly manages to get back into fighting form, which Colleen points out is amazing, and says it is not just about the brace, asking him whether it is partially about his desire/ obsession with getting back the Fist. Danny shows her the odd room in the subway station where he used to go to smash things and admits that he would sometimes stay out at night just to feel that power. She informs him she had a feeling something was going on.

Joy continues to cozy up to Davos, only it does slightly feel like she might be almost on his side, while trying to win him over back to the side of good, especially when she suggests that he has a PR problem and that once people realize the good he is doing, and he shows the righteous in New York how he is helping, he will be hailed as the hero he should be. It almost seems to work as Davos heads out and protects the Chinese restaurant owner Mr. Yip from a shakedown. But things go south quickly when Mr. Yip does not give Davos the respect the villain desires, especially since Mr. Yip is sharp enough the recognize the tyrant before him. Davos kills the poor man in anger. Sadly for some of Davos’s street thugs who came with him, they begin to lose faith, especially their leader, but the kid is killed by one of his friends who fully buys into Davos and his authority and the rest swear loyalty to Davos regardless of his murder of Mr. Yip. All except BB who was left behind in a prison cell when he tried to escape on his own accord. Luckily for him, Joy takes pity on him and enlists his help in finding the bowl while Davos is out, which they manage to do just in time, with Joy telling BB to find Danny and give him the bowl (thus proving whose side she is really on in the end) while she distracts Davos.

Ward does not have much to do this episode besides a trip to the flower shop to buy an apology bouquet for Bethany, which he does not even remember to take with him, especially after he gets a call from Joy asking him to take care of some business for her. Walker’s storyline is a bit more intriguing. She listens to Mary’s video message and is a little freaked out by the thank you for saving them in Sokovia. She visits what appears to be a psychologist friend and explains that she always assumed Mary convinced someone to help them escape their cell in Sokovia, while it seems Mary assumed Walker took up those knives and fought/ killed their way free. If neither remembers, that means there might be a THIRD personality, potentially more volatile, violent, and dangerous within Mary Walker, and that has her very scared. She runs into Ward at Joy’s apartment and both realize Joy is most likely with Davos trying to help the cause, and is in trouble. Ward wants Walker’s help to save his sister but she wants a trade first: his help in getting the redacted documents detailing what happened when she escaped in Sokovia.

As one of Danny’s final tests, Colleen and Danny help some Triad members escape an attack by Davos, with Danny needing to control his emotions and be patient, and not run blindly into danger, which he barely manages to succeed at. They manage to save the group from Davos, which coincidentally happened to include Mrs. Yang, who is now starting to gather both Golden Tiger and Hatchet Triad members together in a joint effort to kill Davos. As his actual final test, Colleen and Danny head to one of the old cage-fighting rings Colleen used to visit to spar, first to 3 points being the winner, with Colleen actively taunting Danny and trying to get in his head, much like Davos would, in order to fully test his commitment, patience, and resilience. Danny manages to succeed, but comes to an important realization at the end of the episode. As much as he might be ready, and though he will take down Davos, he should not take back the Fist, there is another more worthy of its power. And that person is Colleen.

I love the idea of Colleen being the new Iron Fist, she has been so bad-ass from the first moment we first saw her, her moral compass is straight and true, and it would be a great dynamic to see her as the lead, though I worry the show might not actually go through with it (it is a male doing the fight choreography in the opening titles after all). Other than that, another solid episode, a lot of building for the end and we got some cool fights and some good plot building and character moments. My only gripe being the lack of Misty Knight, but I suppose she cannot be everywhere.

Looking forward to seeing how they manage to wrap everything up in the final two episodes. See you back here soon for those reviews!