The greatest hero you’ve never heard of is coming to a TV set near you. Or, at least, he’s working on it.

According to Comic Book Movie, ‘Fringe’ writer Andrew Kreisberg has submitted the first draft of his script for the pilot of a “Fringe-esque” series based on the DC Comics character Booster Gold to SyFy. Hmmm… ‘Fringe’ writer writing ‘Fringe’-esque show? What a stretch!

The series is reported to be a one-hour drama produced by Greg Berlanti, who is no stranger to DC superheroes. On his IMDb page, he’s attached to write and direct a movie based on The Flash and he wrote the screenplay for ‘Green Lantern’. He’s also worked on ‘No Ordinary Family’ about a family of superheroes, ‘Brothers & Sisters’, ‘Everwood’, and ‘Dawson’s Creek’.

For those of you unfamiliar with Booster Gold, Dan Jurgens created the character in 1986. He made his first appearance in ‘Booster Gold’ #1, being the first significant new character introduced in the DC Universe continuity after the reboot of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’. Initially, he was a showboating glory hog from the future that used knowledge of historical events and futuristic technology to stage highly publicized heroics. Eventually, he becomes a true hero alongside his trusty sidekick/robot Skeets, but he’s weighed down by the reputation he created for himself.

I myself am not that familiar with the character besides his appearance in the cartoon ‘Justice League: Unlimited’, where everyone thinks he’s the Green Lantern despite the obvious color differences in their attire. The gag amuses me enough that I think I’ll share it with you below.

Booster Gold might also be familiar to fans of ‘Smallville’ because he appeared in the tenth and final season of the show in an episode written by Geoff Johns. Portrayed by Eric Martsolf, Booster appeared alongside The Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes as they come in contact with Clark Kent in Metropolis.

Personally, I always thought Booster Gold was very similar to Greg Kinnear’s character from ’Mystery Men’, Captain Amazing. That’s neither here nor there, but you certainly get mad points for getting the reference.

A Booster Gold TV show has some great potential and I’m excited to hear more about it. In fact, depending on how they do it, it could be better than ‘Arrow’, the CW’s replacement for ‘Smalville’ featuring The Green Arrow, or the scrapped ‘Aquaman’ series, which was looking pretty good in my opinion. One thing’s for sure: It already sounds better than the failed Wonder Woman pilot from NBC.

How about you? What do you think about SyFy developing a Booster Gold TV show? Sound off in the comment section.