“Still, after a short time the family’s
Distress again worsened, and
There was no relief anywhere in sight.”

So, remember how swimmingly things went when Monroe’s parents found out he was friends with a Grimm? Yeah, me neither.

Their gruff reaction to Rosalee’s Fuschbau status was absolutely tame in comparison. Thankfully, Nick’s able to keep himself in check long enough for Monroe to break things up. He’s unable to make them see the truth and his mother leaves him with the dreadful “I don’t even know who you are anymore.” A parent says that to you and it hits hard; Monroe’s in no shape to help Nick and the Grimm commiserates with Juliette as Rosalee finds sanctuary in the shop. Everyone, it seems, is down in the dumps, except wears-scalps-for-style Wesen, who’s readying himself for the battle ahead, a battle Nick has no idea he’s about to fight.

The dice are slowly aligning in Vienna where Stefania gives Viktor an update on Adalind’s pregnancy while the latter is completely in the dark. Thankfully Sebastian is keeping an eye on things and alerts Renard on what’s going on. He orders Sebastian to meet up with Meisner and get Adalind out of dodge before the Royals can snatch her up. He drops the call when Hank and Wu storm in with the first visuals on the killer.

The detectives case the scene and remains of the unfortunate Officer Mark

Back in Portland, Monroe finds Rosalee licking her wounds in the shop and apologizes for his parents. But Rosalee, a good person and experienced in being estranged from family, tries to steer Monroe back into his parents’ arms, even if it means doom for their relationship. Though he understands what she’s doing, he refuses to do it. If his parents are so bullheaded that they can’t accept Monroe’s choices, they have no place in his life. They spend the night at the shop and, though Monroe rather spend the morning with Rosalee in his arms, there’s no use in putting off the inevitable; he gets and is ready to set the record straight.

Oh, and poor Officer Mark finds an illegal campsite in Jackson Quarry and two very vicious Wesen (including our killer) who gleefully tear him apart.

Going all-in as the girlfriend of a Grimm, Juliette did some serious research on scalping and provides Nick with some very useful info on the subject. Nick tries to make light of it all but Juliette’s adamant that he watch his back. As Nick is called away to another murder scene, Monroe confronts his parents who are stuck in their ancient beliefs. His father Bart growls that his son “refuses to respect who we are”, an ironic statement considering their own unwillingness to accept Monroe’s new life. Despite his hope to find a resolution, Monroe knows he must do what is right for him and says his final goodbye.

Renard gives a call to Adalind, warning her of the impending changes in her life. He believes the child is his and that Viktor’s about to make his move. Meisner and Sebastian show up at her door, with the latter moving downstairs as lookout. It doesn’t take long for the Verrat to arrive and demand Adalind come with her. Following Meisner’s orders, she lures the two into the room and Meisner, with Adalind channeling Willow Rosenburg, take out the two Verrat before escaping to Meisner’s hideaway deep in the woods.

While Nick and Hank are investigating the murder scene and realize they are dealing with two killers, Juliette stops by the shop to chat with Rosalee. She tells the Fuschbau about the case and when Monroe comes in, he mentions something about Cauchamorte, which is very similar to the Wildesheer. He calls Nick and says they need to meet about this new and very dangerous threat but Nick needs to come alone.  “This is way more complicated than your average Wesen rampage,” he says.

Monroe’s parents are about to leave when his mother admits that she’s not ready to lose him. Despite Bart’s protests, Alice stops by the shop to speak with Rosalee. While still not in line with the interspecies relationship, she asks if Rosalee would be open to a ritual where the two Wesen women take one another’s measure through scent.

Viktor brings Stefania back to the palace, more than a bit pissed about losing Adalind and ready to put the blame on Stefania’s head. She points out the treachery must have come from his camp and the royal takes her words into consideration and it most likely means trouble for our double agent Sebastian.

Nick and Monroe wait for the Wildesheer

Monroe gets home and finds his dad waiting at the doorstep. With the Wildesheer going down, he doesn’t want to get into an argument and reiterates just how Nick is different from everything Wesen have been taught about the viciousness of a Grimm. Nick finally arrives and Monroe drops the 411 on the Wild Hunt and how it’ll be gunning for Nick. They need to weapon-up and stop by the trailer to get ready and gather any type of advantage they can find. Nick discovers a theory that, while wearing the scalped pelts the Wildesheer may be nearly invulnerable, lopping off their scalps may weaken them. The two believe the quarry is the perfect battleground but when the thunder and wind outside signal the arrival of the Wildesheer—all three of them. The three-on-two handicap fight is brutal and mostly one-sided as Nick and Monroe are beaten from pillar to post. Despite his reservations about Nick, Bart jumps into the fray and his addition turns the tide long enough for Nick to go Grimm barber on the Wesen, putting them down for the count in the most permanent of ways. After Bart acknowledges Monroe’s thoughts on Nick, he tells the two that the Wildesheer were a harbinger of something worse, something that will “change the world.” And that something is ready to be born in this world from Adalind’s womb.

And then there’s the most uncomfortable dinner party in the history of EVER…

Grimm Times

  • Tradition: it is the foundation for our beliefs and how societies have been built. Tradition offers us purpose and direction, clarity and strength. But tradition can oftentimes lead to beliefs that are dated or based on fear or ignorance. Monroe’s parents, though good people, have been taught things that are not truly relevant in the modern world. Though all progress is not always good or initially leads us in the right direction, it does offer us a different take on things, questioning age-old beliefs that may either be validated or modernized to the benefit of all those involved.
  • And you thought the Wildesheer were bad. Well, you ain’t seen bad…but it’s coming. Adalind’s demon/royal baby is on its way and though we may not know exactly what that means, my initial thoughts center on the Royals endgame and the treasure they are desperately searching for.