Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week’s episode took us to a small part of the Dark Fae underbelly – dark creepy Goth bar, dark creepy dungeon, torture, chains and Vex OH MY!  Hold onto your magic scrolls!  This week we pay a visit to the scariest place in the entire Faeverse – the Country Club! EEK!! Polo shirts, golf carts, couples named Mitch and Chloe, this just can’t get any creepier, or can it?!

Here there be SPOILERS….

This episode opens at our favorite waterhole, the Dal. Is it me or are Bo and Dyson getting just too disgustingly sweet? “And let me just state for the record – what an ass.” Yes Bo, we’ve all seen that ass.  Down girl.  Dyson’s going bear hunting; not orange vests and rifles kind of hunting though. He’s werewolf, fill in the blank. Kenzi shows her PETA side, “Listen. If you uh kill Yogi and Boo Boo I am never talking to you again.” Bo turns all kinds of girlfriend on Dyson and tries to persuade him to take a long weekend with her instead. I love a good romance but these two are getting a bit much. In fact, Kenzi and Hale are about to gag on all the sweet. They do what they do best – take bets. $20 says they’re off again in 2 weeks and back to square one.

Cut to a very stoned grounds keeper trying to cut a leaf with some hedge clippers. He’s the one that gets clipped instead – after getting hit on the head with a rock he’s killed by a lethal vine that comes at him from the woods (ok ‘Lost Girl’ I’m going to totally disregard that REALLY bad vine FX cuz I love ya – but only this once).

THIS is what ‘Lost Girl’ is about – Bo and Dyson in the bathtub! Holy wow – I may have just choked on my soda! This is so hot on more than one level! It’s even hotter than their regular sex scenes! It just might be because they’re being all romantic (but not saccharin sweet) and cute as they go through brochures trying to find a get-away. “3 words – green tea colonic,” not Dyson’s scene. (Fangirl squee! Dyson says “ARRG” like a pirate – how cute is that!!). But before the scene can get too sickening, Kenzi walks in (wait… what?!? Kenzi just WALKS in while they are nekkid taking a bath?!?! That’s Kenzi!) to inform Bo she’s got a client waiting. Great timing Kenz!

Looks like there’s some weird stuff going on at the country club. Kenzi’s friend tells them his cousin, Thumper, has gone missing. This isn’t normal for the guy. And then we learn Kenzi had a street name – Meow Meow. They couldn’t have come up with something with a bit more street cred? Sounds more like a stripper name.

Now for the scary part – yuppie Bo and Dyson! Bo works her magic to get the club manager, Mitch, to get them memberships right away. Mitch is absolute putty in her hands. (Interesting side note – I love the very subtle way Dyson takes a long look at the wedding band. That boy is falling HARD for our hero Bo. This cannot be good for the wolf.)

While Bo and Dyson get to play Barbie and Ken, Kenzi is working in the kitchen as an illegal immigrant. Rumor has it that the Club goes out of their way to hire illegals.  Chef gives her two warnings – don’t screw up and don’t snack on the job. Our sweet Kenzi just can’t seem to walk the straight and narrow. Right out of the gate, the girl spills a drink on the queen of the club, Chloe. First strike Kenz!

Bo and Dyson track down Blake, the club gossip, and get the scoop.  Seems Mitch and Chloe have built a nice clique.  Once a month they have a closed door, after hours, invite only scotch tasting. Sounds like a party Bo and Dyson need to crash.

Later, in the woods, poor drunken, loose lips Blake gets the vine treatment.

Back at the stylish crack house (aka Bo and Kenzi’s), Kenzi gets a much needed foot rub from Dyson ( I bet he gives a mean mani-pedi!). The only information Kenzi could kern from her foot pain inducing day – her friend’s cousin was at the top of Chloe’s hit list. Nothing is pointing to Fae involvement. The only thing suspicious they can find is that all new members increase their wealth shortly after joining. During the brainstorming there’s a random knock at the door. SURPRISE! It’s Saskia, the other succubus in town. She is so very disappointed in the company Bo is keeping, i.e. yuppie boy Dyson. Bo should be out with her playing with the devious rock band that’s in town, not playing Holly-Homemaker. Bo shoves her pretty ass out the door and returns to the problem at hand.

Bo and Dyson crash the “scotch party.” This country club has a very loose dress code at their private parties. In fact, it’s a no dress required. Bo is definitely in her element. The best way to taste scotch is naked in a hot tub. They aren’t getting any useful information and all of the attention on Bo is making Dyson way too uncomfortable. Before a giant group orgy centered on Bo can take place, Dyson steps in to call it a night.

Meanwhile, Kenzi and Hale break into Mitch’s office to rifle through his files. To their surprise, Mitch keeps extensive records of all the immigrants. Looks like Kenzi has two strikes already. And what’s up with that picture Kenz?! Not your best side! Before they can find more, the sinister head grounds keeper comes checking the door. Hale tries to put the moves on Kenzi while they hide under the desk. Could this be a budding romance? screeeeech Kenzi puts the brakes on that real quick.

Back at crack mansion, Bo and Dyson are having a small lovers quarrel. Bo is extremely frustrated because she knows she could have gotten some great intel if they had stayed. Dyson finally admits that he can’t stand the thought of anyone other than him putting their hands on Bo. He’s frustrated because he knows that it’s not in her nature to be monogamous. In one of the cutest scenes so far, Bo admits she doesn’t have eyes for anyone but Dyson. aaaaaaawww And then they have sex.

Next day, back at the Dal, Dyson tells Trick he can’t lie to Bo any longer. Trick has to tell her everything or Dyson will. There can’t be any secrets. What is this big secret?! They’ve alluded to it multiple times this season! What do you think it will be? Let’s discuss in the comments below! I can’t wait to find out!

Back at the country club, Bo and Dyson discover two treasures – a $25,000 winning lottery ticket and a compost culvert full of human goo. I know, goo is not exactly a treasure but in this case it contains the remains of Blake and several others, including Fae.

Bo tries to get more information out of Mitch. He has no idea how it happens but every member reaps some very awesome benefits from the Club. All he knows is that a sacrifice must be made. Bo is beginning to suspect Dark Fae. (Why the Dark? Not everything bad happens because of Dark Fae. They always get a bad rap! Poor, innocent Morrigan and group.) If it is Dark Fae Dyson needs to steer clear, so Bo gets Kenzi to help her search the grounds. After some wild deductive reasoning, and a little help from Trick, the gals figure out that the culprit of all the murders is a Land Wight, a Dark Fae (damn it was Dark after all) that entices humans with success and wealth but then feeds off of them. Bo thinks it’s the creepy head grounds keeper so she goes after him while Kenzi runs back to the kitchen to ensure no one eats the veggies. Unfortunately for Kenzi the Land Wight is not the creepy guy; it’s the chef, Amy. Just as Amy shows her evil green thumb, err well vine, and tries to kill Kenzi, Bo shows up to save the day. Instead of doing the deed herself, Bo turns Amy over to the immigrant staff and their bottles of herbicide.

Reports in the Fae world indicate that the Dark Fae Wight was killed by humans so no one suspects our Scooby gang had anything to do with it. And Kenzi’s friend swears he and the others won’t tell a soul about the oddities. Who would believe them? In a gesture of friendship, Bo gives him the winning lottery ticket.

Dyson and Bo plan to meet up at the police station to “talk.” But before Bo can get there, Saskia shows up. She really doesn’t like anyone playing with her new friend, Bo. As she sucks the very life out of Dyson she demands, “What’s my name bitch?!” Dyson groans “Aife.” Hasn’t Trick mentioned this name before?!?! Before we can find out more, Bo shows up and stabs Saskia with a chair leg. Ouch! That had to hurt! Probably not as much as Bo finding her new friend sucking the life out of her boyfriend, but close. As Saskia slinks away to lick her wounds, Bo has to learn that reverse chi sucking trick she saw Saskia do in the past. Lucky for Dyson, Bo’s a fast learner.

So… Saskia is also called Aife! Is this the secret Trick and Dyson have been keeping or is there more? Holy wow! Let’s talk! Post your comments!

Stay Fae y’all!

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