Black Lightning

‘Black Lightning’ struck gold last year, with one of the biggest debuts on The CW ever.  Now the superhero drama is coming back for a sophomore season and a new trailer featuring all-new footage has arrived.  Despite her desire to live a normal life, it appears that Jefferson Pierce’s younger daughter Jennifer‘s powers won’t just go away and it’s a strong bet that she’ll do more than fry a few cell phones in upcoming episodes.  And the rogue’s gallery, Tobias (Whale, Marvin “Krondon” Jones III), Khalil (Jordan Calloway) and Syonide (Charlbi Dean Kriek) will “keep coming,” declares Jefferson (Cress Williams).

Check out the action below:


It’s already clearly established that ‘Black Lightning’ is not set in the same reality as the existing Arrowverse shows– ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.  And unlike those shows, ‘Black Lightning’ isn’t starting over with an all-new storyline.  Instead, it will continue to depict the conflict between crime boss Tobias Whale and Black Lightning.  It also looks as though Thunder/Anissa (Nafessa Williams) will remain at her father’s side on the streets.

Now that Whale has the A.S.A. case he spent all of Season One obtaining, what will he do with it?  Krondon himself discussed what we can expect to see from his character in upcoming episodes:

“Hopefully he will do what it takes to go to the level he’s been aspiring to all season.  I think acquiring the case took what, 13 episodes, so let’s see what we do with the next 13 to however many we have, I think we have 16 this time.”


“He struggles a lot with self love and love from outside sources.  We saw who he loves, we saw what he loves and he lost what he loves. And that was his community, Joey Toledo and Tory his sister, that’s his community. He has a few cats that he know, he work through that he likes maybe. But those aren’t people that he really loves, the Syonide of course and now Syonide is the only one left and he pretty much raised her groomed her from a baby. He’s a lonely guy, the character Tobias Whale is a lonely guy. He’s always by himself, he’s always drinking.

“My character is maniacal and very diabolical, so I think that this case is going to send him into an overdrive of those two traits and I look forward to it, to seeing it.”

‘Black Lightning’ returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 at 9pm EST, after ‘The Flash’.