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John Boyega is stepping up his game as he has just boarded the fantasy-horror movie ‘A Spriggan’ as a producer with his production group, Upper Room Productions. The film is set to delve into UK folklore to give audiences around the globe a taste of horror which they likely haven’t encountered in the past. While set in the similar themes of haunted movies that have ghosts of some sort or another, there is a bit of a twist here. While Spriggans are thought of as vengeful spirits, they aren’t those of humans but actually of long-dead giants. Not only that, but they still can bring forth their former size when the need arises.

According to Boyega whose production company also helped with ‘Pacific Rim Uprising‘:

“I’m really excited to be joining A Spriggan and the team behind it. In my producing projects, I’m looking for film-maker driven, world-building, cinematic pieces… We’re looking forward to working with Keir Burrows to explore the monsters of real-life through a dark, twisted, fairy-tale world of the Spriggan.”

It isn’t clear if he’ll be following the same path as ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ by starring in the movie as well.

Not much of the plot is known at this time, but writer and director Keir Burrows (‘Anti Matter’) is set to bring to life a tale that follows a widowed mother who returns to the hotel which her father once ran. After arriving, things aren’t what they once were as there is now “a malevolent magical presence terrorizing the area.” This is where we see the Spriggan show up and hopefully provide us with a harrowing tale that audiences can enjoy being terrified of. Joining Burrows behind-the-scenes will be Oscar winner Neil Corbould (‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’) who will be tackling the creature design for the film.

Are you eager to hear more about ‘A Spriggan’? Does the film sound like a new twist on fantasy-horror that you could get behind? Share your thoughts below!

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