Walking Dead

Two new cast members have joined the live-action take of ‘The Walking Dead‘ to portray characters from the comics though we’ll be seeing some major variations between them. Off the bat, readers will notice that these two were intimately involved in story arcs which involved Carl Grimes. As the character is no longer in the land of the living on the series that alone will change their story arcs moving forward.

First off, we’ll be seeing Brett Butler (‘Grace Under Fire,’ ‘Anger Management’) take on the part of Tammy Rose and John Finn (‘Catch Me If You Can,’ ‘Glory’) playing the blacksmith Earl. In the comics, Tammy is an overprotective mother and when her out of control son attacks Carl’s love interest Lydia and we see Rick Grimes‘ son rather violently put a stop to things. Tammy goes overboard and demands Carl gets locked up.

Well, Carl isn’t around so this won’t be followed precisely. However, it should be noted that Tammy is also married to a man named Morton who has anger issues and ends up trying to kill Rick. His attack is resolved rather brutally on Rick’s end, but the kicker here is that instead of Morton, we’ll see the blacksmith Earl married to Tammy. In the comics, Earl is a very laid back individual that we see give Carl a job and acts as a mentor to him.

With being married to Tammy here, this take on the character might end up being a mixture of Earl and Morton from the comics but how that will play out on screen is still a mystery. So is how this will all play out with Carl now dead. With so many characters who previously revolved around Carl being involved, it almost feels like we’ll be seeing a substitute character introduced to help here.

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‘The Walking Dead’ returns to infect AMC on October 7th, 2018!

Source: Skybound Entertainment