Good Omens

When not being cancelled by Netflix, you can still enjoy ‘Good Omens’ on Amazon and now Neil Gaiman is sharing which aspect of the series his co-author Terry Pratchett would have enjoyed the most. Pratchett sadly passed in 2015 and his last request of Gaiman was to have a live-action take on ‘Good Omens’ created. Thankfully, Amazon Studios and BBC Two worked with Gaiman to make this happen!

The two created a delightfully funny tale about the end of the world and while it might be hard to guess as to what the author’s favorite parts would be, Gaiman has an answer!

“Knowing Terry, he just would’ve had such a great time with the nuns. He would’ve been hanging out with the nuns.”

The Chattering Order of St. Beryl is a Satanic order of nuns in the novel and mini-series who are just a delight to behold. Their order was created by demons with the singular goal of helping in the delivery of the Antichrist and making sure that it ends up with the family that would allow it the power and access to help bring about Armageddon.


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Only, due to a bit of confusion, they switch the child to the wrong set of parents where the Antichrist ends up having a somewhat normal childhood and changes the entire outcome.

As to how much time Pratchett would be spending with them, Gaiman shares that “I know that you wouldn’t have been able to drag Terry away from them.” He went on to lament the loss of his friend and what he feels would have happened had he still been alive when the series was released:

“I missed Terry because I missed the moment that Terry would’ve turned to everybody there, and this thing would’ve been happening in Times Square, and Terry would’ve said, ‘You know, what we actually need to make this perfect is a rubber chicken, which I happen to have!’ “

For those who want a full refresher of The Order, be sure to check out the video below!


Have you had a chance to check out ‘Good Omens’ on Amazon? Was The Chattering Order of St. Beryl one of your favorite parts of the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Amazon is currently streaming all 6-episodes of ‘Good Omens’!


Source: TV Line