We all know that the Man of Steel is often thought of as the backbone to heroism in DC and now he is coming to the Arrowverse in a big way. While Superman has already been seen in ‘Supergirl’ it has been revealed that he will appear in every episode of this season’s Arrowverse crossover!

That’s right folks; we’ll be seeing Tyler Hoechlin reprising his role not just on ‘Supergirl’ but on ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ as well! Not only that, but they’ll also be introducing Lois Lane into the mix! It isn’t clear what stage of the Superman and Lois Lane relationship we’ll be shown but if they aren’t planning on spinning him off into his own show, hopefully, the two will already be a couple so we don’t have to deal with the tension between them which has been in every iteration of a cinematic Superman to date.

We’ve already seen Superman periodically show up since he first appeared in the second season premiere of ‘Supergirl,’ but this will be the first time he is meeting the rest of the heroes in the Arrowverse.

With three episodes in a row featuring the Last Son of Krypton, you can’t help but think that they might be wanting to showcase him, even more, going forward.

Are you excited that we’ll be seeing more of Superman this year on The CW? Do you think that this massive crossover could be teasing an ongoing Superman television series? Share your thoughts below!

Look, It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a crossover episode that will kick things off this December 9th, 2018!

Source: CBR