Walking Dead

AMC has unleashed the first glimpse of its third ‘Walking Dead’ series and it promises to be unlike anything previously experienced on either the original series or the first spinoff ‘Fear the Walking Dead’.  Production hasn’t started, so the new clip mainly consists of the new cast– Aliyah Royale, Annet MahendruNicolas Cantu, Hal Cumpston, and Alexa Mansour— narrating a “slide show” of sorts, with storyboards from the new show.

The cast teases:

“What if you grew up in a world of safety?…  And you decided to leave…  To discover the truth of who you are and what the world really is…  You know… growing up… There have been things going on in ‘The Walking Dead’ universe since the very start of the story… all happening over all these years… In other places we haven’t seen… With people we haven’t seen… with the dead we haven’t seen… But we’ll see it all this spring… A new world of ‘The Walking Dead’.”

Check out the video itself, then we’ll discuss:

It’s not clear if these actors are in character– Cumpston speaks in his normal Australian accent.  And they actually refer to ‘The Walking Dead’ by name, so maybe not.

Judging by the storyboards, this story kicks off with a plane crash, an idea previously explored in ‘Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462’.  There could be a connection, but the clip seems to go out of its way to stress that everything about this new show will be brand new and never before seen, so probably not.

A lot of time elapses as the image below appears, showing dead bodies strung up, but later they are shown covered in foliage and flowers.  In another shot, a group of dead bodies is shown dangling upside down.

The clip opens with a reference to a “world of safety.”  It would seem that the adults of this story have come up with an efficient way to get rid of the Walking Dead, so the kids have led a sheltered life.  This show will follow them into the outside world and all the horrors that brings with it.

The show’s tagline teases the growth these characters will experience:

Some will become heroes. Some will become villains. In the end, all of them will be changed forever. Grown-up and cemented in their identities, both good and bad.

The new show doesn’t have a name yet, but there are rumors that it may not even have the phrase “The Walking Dead” in its title, as a way to differentiate it from the existing shows.  The series is fronted by Royale as Iris, and Mahendru, as Huck.  Cantu’s character is named Elton, Cumpston’s is Silas, and Mansour plays Hope.  The new show was created by ‘Walking Dead’ head honcho Scott M. Gimple, with writer/executive producer Matthew Negrete, who serves as showrunner.

The new show will debut in Spring 2020, most likely after the tenth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ wraps up.  ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ will likely air after the new show completes its first season.

What do you think so far?