Star Trek” hit franchise fatigue in 2005 when ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ came to a close and another outing to boldly go where no man has gone before ended in televised format until 2016 when ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ debuted on CBS All Access. Yes, there were the three movies which kicked off the Kelvin timeline with the release of 2009’s ‘Star Trek’ but as to an ongoing series, it was a dry season that lasted a decade. Now, longstanding “Star Trek” franchise writer and director Ronald D. Moore (‘Battlestar Galactica’) is weighing in on the concept and if it can be applied to “Star Trek” these days.

Fans have brought up this concern recently as ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is soon to be joined by a Jean-Luc Picard “Star Trek” series and more as CBS wants to offer new “Star Trek” episodes all year long.

During a Star Trek Las Vegas panel, Moore weighed in on the concept by saying that:

“When you say something like franchise fatigue, to me, it means that particular flavor had run dry. To mix my metaphors, essentially that way of doing Star Trek, that way of telling story, and those kinds of stories had run its course. You could just see in the shows. It had fatigue. It was tired. It wasn’t really engaging anymore or felt like it was just standing in place.”

“Star Trek” is one of the most obvious examples of this happening but it is a concept which has seen hit various horror genres throughout the years as well as other themes. Moore argues that while it is always a possibility, there are ways to avoid having it happen. The key ways to do this is to bring in new talent and new ideas:

“Then it gets reinvented, and then you bring in new people, and you bring in new ideas, and you change up the parameters, and then it all gets reinvigorated again. So, it’s not so much about volume; it’s not really about how many shows there are, it’s really about are you able to still engage the audience and make it seem fresh and exciting. Once you’re in the same place and doing the same show time after time after time, which is what the Star Trek franchise started to feel like by the time that Enterprise ended, it just felt all the same, and it didn’t feel new. Then it’s time for a big change; then it’s time to go fallow for a while and plant the ground all over again.”

We’ve seen both the new “Star Trek” movies and ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ do just that by giving us entrees into the franchise with new twists. It isn’t clear if the Picard-themed show will be a return to form of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ but there would even be room for that in a world where these other versions exist.

Hopefully, CBS will continue that trend with whatever other series they end up putting together.

Are you worried about “Star Trek” fatigue? Do you feel that the new takes on this classic material have helped or hurt how you feel about “Star Trek”? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Trek Movie