Thor Darryl

We’ve got great news to share with you today as Thor‘s roommate Darryl survived the snap! While Thanos wasn’t in charge of who lived or died when he wiped out half of life in the universe, you have to feel that someone was looking out for the God of Thunder and allowed the man whose home he shared a bit of a reprieve. Sure, Thor could have prevented all of this death if he had just delivered a killing blow to the Mad Titan instead of taking the time to gloat, but at least the Infinity Stones didn’t take this out on his roommate.

However, Darryl hasn’t had the best of time since this happened. It sounds like many of his co-workers didn’t survive Thanos getting his way, and he’s been pretty busy since it happened.


He shot out word of his survival during the birthday of the God of Thunder and wished Odinson a happy “however many thousands of years you are.” Of course, with Thor out of the picture we know that The Grandmaster moved in and it sounds like he hasn’t been helping pay the bills as he also stated that “if there happens to be wifi where you are … if you could just do a quick transfer. I’m in quite a bit of debt since you left.”

Maybe Thor can get a Raven over to Tony Stark to help out assuming that Tony hasn’t made it back to Earth yet. I’m sure the Iron Man armor can still send and receive e-mail.

Are you happy that Darryl ended up surviving the snap and might return for more? Do you think that we’ll ever see Thor reference Darryl in an actual Marvel Studios film or will they forever keep this out of the movies? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!