Spider-Man: Far From Home

Tom Holland is currently looking to raise money for The Brothers Trust and while doing so, shared a tease from ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ that may have hinted at another Spidey villain who may appear in the movie. In the video, the actor playfully claims “I do all my own stunts” while his stunt double is performing one right behind him.

This video is the perfect way for Holland to be able to show off something that could be a spoiler in the way he is known for. In this case that Peter Parker is getting thrown aside by a massive blast of water. While there is always the chance that this is caused by a villain using some kind of a weapon, it also might hint at the inclusion of Hydro-Man!

Thanks to Sony Pictures, Spider-Man movies are known for including too many villains in a film which is something that Marvel Studios likely wouldn’t do. However, there were rumors circling that the villain might make an appearance at some point in the film. This video could quickly lend credibility to those rumors.

You can check out the Instagram post right here!


This video comes shortly after we learned that Remy Hii (‘Crazy Rich Asians’) had joined the cast in a mystery role. While Hydro-Man is a white criminal named Morris Bench in the comics, there is no reason why Marvel Studios couldn’t take this opportunity to change the character up.

Do you think this video hints at Hydro-Man or a villain using some kind of water-based weapon? Did you actually believe that Tom Holland did all of his stunts? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!