Spider-Man: Homecoming

Ok, we are only a few week away from ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ and I am very excited. And while I know the promotional train keeps on coming, I am not a fan of being tricked. This new “clip” from the movie, which when you click into it says it is about 2 minutes, is really just a very brief like 32 second clip, followed by an old clip that we’ve been seeing for months of Spider-Man coming home and accidentally revealing his secret identity to Ned Leeds. That’s a fun clip, but we’ve seen it already dozens of times. Don’t attach it to new stuff so we feel like we’re getting more new content. It’s insulting.

Anyways, the new clip shows us more of the friendship between Peter and Ned, as they are going to a party, clearly both a little nervous, and as they approach the front door, Ned suggests that Peter go suit up and swing into the party as Spider-Man, claiming that he knows Peter and Ned and that they’re both cool, giving them some credibility with the other kids. Before we know whether or not Peter goes through with the plan though, they are approached by the mysterious Michelle (who may or may not have heard them, I’m still unclear whether or not she knows Peter is Spider-Man) who makes fun of them for being at the “lame” party, even though she is there. It’s a fun scene, and I like that the movie is showing us a side of Peter Parker trying to be a normal kid that we have not seen in the ‘Spider-Man’ films before, not to mention showing us different friendships and relationships he has, since the other films made it seem like he only knew Flash Thompson, Harry Osborn, and Mary Jane Watson.

Check out the clip for yourself below, and share your own thoughts on ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ in the comments section!