dave filoni star wars resistance

Fans of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ and ‘Star Wars Rebels‘ have long held the belief that one of the chief elements binding those series together and keeping the quality up is producer Dave Filoni, who was with both series from the beginning, working closely with George Lucas during ‘Clone Wars’ before taking the reigns for ‘Rebels’ and making another epic installment in the ‘Star Wars’ saga. Sadly, it is now being reported that Filoni might not be as involved with the new animated ‘Star Wars’ series, ‘Star Wars Resistance,’ though Filoni was the one who crafted the idea for the show.

While speaking to IGN recently, Filoni said:

Resistance is a bit different, in that I’m not on that day-to-day. I created and set it in motion, but I’ve given that to other people to raise up, people that I’ve worked with a long time, who I think deserve the opportunity to tell stories and I think it’s exciting, and I give them my thoughts and notes – I was just doing that this morning, like George [Lucas] would give me. So that’s fun.”

After the open ending of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ especially with Ahsoka and Sabine setting off for new adventures (including a search for Ezra), many fans are now wondering if they might find their way onto ‘Star Wars: Resistance,’ and whether Filoni would be ok handing off those characters to a new group of writers without his direct involvement, a question posed directly to the man by Comicbook.com. His response below:

“That would be hard. That would be, to be honest. That’d be really hard for me to do at this point, just because I’ve been a part of it for so long. Since, especially, Ahsoka’s beginning. I can’t imagine not being involved in some way with what would happen to her. Or Sabine, for that matter…I didn’t want something that wrapped up too neatly for Rebels. I wanted this feeling of adventure continuing, and I thought who better to continue the adventure than these two women who were very compelling in both. You know, it’s like a unification of Clone Wars and Rebels, really, taking those two characters further. I have a great deal of ideas on what they’ve been up to, and where they go. It’s really, I think, fantastic.”

If Filoni trusts the people running ‘Resistance,’ personally that is good enough for me. There are dozens of examples in the entertainment business of creatives handing off a franchise to people they trust and have worked with and seeing the franchise flourish under new creative control. If you think about it, that’s how we got Filoni in charge in the first place. There’s always a risk of the ball being dropped, but if it means Filoni can work on more projects, bigger projects, then I am all for it (especially if he is planning a new series/ movie with Ahsoka and Sabine!).

Do you agree? Or are you worried about ‘Star Wars: Resistance? Feel free to share any concerns you might have in the comments below!