What’s Luke Skywalker’s deal?  Does he like dudes or dames?  If you’re like me, you don’t really care.  ‘Star Wars’ is really a kid’s fantasy brought to celluloid life.  And kids don’t care about that mushy stuff!  In the original trilogy, Han and Leia’s courtship was the steamiest part and that was pretty chaste.  And, of course, the prequels were sort of built around Anakin and Padme… uh… fornicating and procreating, which lead to Luke and Leia being born.  Hot stuff.

Even so, adult humans like sex and can sometimes project that onto the subjects that they were interested in as children.

In ‘The Force Awakens’, we learned that Han and Leia also fornicated and procreated, giving birth to a son, Ben.  But one character’s backstory is still a mystery– Rey.  There are dozens of theories as to her parentage and one of them is certainly that she is Luke’s daughter.

This may be true.  There are two more movies in the main movie series to embellish the lives of not just the newcomers but the classic characters.

As for now, Luke has kissed one woman onscreen and that was his sister, Leia.  Does he even like girls?

One Twitter user posed the question to Mark Hamill himself and the man who played Skywalker responded in a manner that should make everyone happy:

So whatever your orientation, Luke Skywalker is a hero with whom you can relate.

But like I said, sex is pretty nonexistent in the ‘Star Wars’ movies and even romance is a bit of a stretch.  (Slave Leia not  withstanding.)  We don’t even know if these aliens (and they ARE aliens) procreate the same way we do.

What do you think about Hamill’s response?  Are you interested in these characters’ romantic side?  Or are you more focused on the action/drama side of things?

Source: New Now Next