DC relaunched its entire line of comics in 2011 as part of the New 52 initiative.  Since then, they’ve essentially flung a lot of poo at the wall to see what stuck, including the less than stellar recent Convergence crossover.  One thing that has become clear is that DC is quick to chop any book that sells under a certain number.  And while competitor Marvel has retooled its line somewhat to fall in line with its movie universe, DC appears to be going even further in that regard, rebooting its entire line with new #1 issues with a focus on reflecting what thousands will be seeing on the silver screen.

Reportedly, DC’s publishing output will become:

“… even more dominated with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn/Suicide Squad-related titles. Anything tying in with a film and/or TV show like Flash, Green Arrow will be okay, anything that’s not is less so.”

DC has been publishing books that directly reflect the realities of its adaptations and tweaking its existing books to fall in line with them.  (E.g. the introduction of John Diggle in the ‘Green Arrow’ comic.)  But now it seems that the entire line of DC Comics will now reflect its live action works.

On the one hand, that’s helpful for parents and such that venture into comic stores after their kids become enthralled with live action hits to buy their offspring something akin to those versions.  But is DC throwing the baby out with the bath water here?  The New 52 relaunch already alienated some longtime readers, necessitating the Convergence and Multiversity events which assured that previously published stories were still canon, just… in parallel universes.  (That’s the simplified assessment.)  Will this shift further drive out old timers who spent decades reading DC books?

I guess it doesn’t matter.  The younger, less informed crowd seems to be the new target audience.  So get ready for long haired Aquaman to make a return and for DC to try again to make Cyborg a headliner.

What do you think?  Are you on board for this reboot?

Source: Comic Book Movie