jason momoa

Filming an action movie is tough, but filming an action movie “underwater?”  That’s a challenge even for Kal Drogo himself, Jason Momoa.  He said as much when he was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly regarding the next installment of the DC Comics film universe, ‘Aquaman’ for the SDCC exclusive issue.

“The fights on this were like nothing I’ve never done. There’s so many, and we’re also “underwater,” on these wires. So you’re doing stuff that your body’s not used to. We had two stunt guys that were constantly getting hurt. The acting parts I love. I’ll do that for free. The stunts were challenging because I’m a little bit older now. This is like the first film where I’ve started feeling s—. Because I did all my stunts in Justice League, and then on Aquaman there was just too many.”

Momoa also admitted that he suffered a bit of an injury himself.

“Oh yeah. Even the littlest thing can hurt. Do a head whip [snaps his head quickly to the side as if he was just punched]. Now do that 30 times in a row. You’re not supposed to do that.”

If anyone still expects the milquetoast, clean cut Sea King from ‘Super Friends’, this movie should prove you dead wrong.  ‘Justice League’ was pretty action-packed, but the battles were spread between several heroes.  This is Aquaman’s solo spotlight and he’ll be doing all of the heavy lifting.

The ‘Aquaman’ trailer will premiere this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con and expect even more reveals about this flick, so check back for more details as they emerge.

Directed by James Wan, ‘Aquaman’ stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Michael Beach, Willem Dafoe, Ludi Lin, Dolph Lundgren, Graham McTavish, Temuera Morrison, Randall Park, and Nicole Kidman and swims into theaters on December 21, 2018.