We’ve got another great look at a uniform for one of the ‘Titans’ thanks to his stunt double. This one comes from Justin Howell who is serving to fill in some of the more intensive parts which Alan Ritchson will handle when he portrays Hank Hall who is better known as Hawk on the series.

It almost seemed out of place for Brenton Thwaites’ stunt double Mustafa Bulut to share a picture of the Robin costume, but now it seems like stunt doubles are getting some extra press in the film by being able to do this. Kudos to whoever thought that this was a good idea as they don’t often get the credit that they deserve!

The image was shared on Reddit and you can check it out right here:

Another look at the Hawk suit. from r/TitansTV

While this isn’t a full look at the outfit, much like the Bulut release of Robin’s it gives us a great shot at the head and chest. We still haven’t seen the full round of heroes for the show in finalized promotional shots though I suspect we’ll be getting a teaser, trailer, or at least images at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con 2018!

Are you digging the look of Hawk on ‘Titans’ from this shot? Do you love that the studio is letting stunt doubles get in on the action for helping release these promotional shots? Share your thoughts below!


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