With the release of the ‘Aquaman‘ trailer set for San Diego Comic-Con 2018 which is this weekend, Warner Bros. wants more attention surfacing on the film! To do this, the studio has released a new poster to show off the movie. In addition, James Wan has given us a tease in the form of an epic still from the upcoming trailer.

Wan released the image on Twitter and you can check it out right here:


A user on Twitter was very quick to share why this image might be familiar for fans of ‘Aquaman’ as it looks quite a bit like this one:


I’m pretty sure we can see where a bit of inspiration from the above trailer shot may have come from. This is a route that could have been easy to go even without, but it does seem like it may have helped set the scene.

As for the poster, Warner Bros. released that through the official ‘Aquaman’ Twitter account which can be seen here:


Both of these look spectacular, and the first is teasing an epic scene while the poster shows off ‘Aquaman’ and some rather hungry looking friends. You can’t help but wonder how much he’ll be talking to them in the film. At least if he has to speak to anyone while underwater there won’t be a need for moving water out of the way to have a conversation.

What do you think of the new teasers for ‘Aquaman’? Are you excited for the trailer to drop this weekend? Share your thoughts below!

‘Aquaman’ will be swimming into theaters on December 21st, 2018!

Source: Entertainment Weekly