WARNING: ‘Arrow’ Season 4 Spoilers Ahead!

As the recapper of ‘Arrow‘ for, I gotta admit, I am a little sick of Olicity. While it was semi-sweet and endearing at the beginning to see the cute, dorky girl and the superhero fall in love, the relationship has progressed to mind-boggling stupidity, with the writers struggling to come up with inane reasons to break the couple up over and over again in the interest of drama. Last season the whole thing fell apart because Oliver chose to hide his new-found son from Felicity because the mother told him to, all of which flew right in the face of the personal growth and maturity Oliver had been developing in the season up to that point. And of course, Felicity could not forgive him for wanting to protect his child, and decided to end things right then and there. At that point I was kind of hoping that maybe we would see the end of Olicity and finally get Oliver and Laurel back together, and then the show went and killed Laurel Lance, leaving us with only one love interest for Oliver Queen, and one I am tired of seeing fail over and over again.

When Season 5 begins, at the very least we can look forward to the pair being partners on Team Arrow and friends, but not lovers, though who knows how long that will last with this show.  According to ‘Arrow’ executive producer Wendy Mericle:

“They’re both in crisis mode. Oliver’s got two really big jobs, and [Felicity] is spinning out about Havenrock. Until they’ve gotten some clarity for themselves, there’s not much room for the relationship side of things.”

Which makes sense, and I know I would really appreciate it if the show did not bring them back together again unless they were going to get married and end the drama. It detracts from the more interesting storylines the show could be doing to keep repeating the same relationship issues we have seen with the two of them over and over again, and I personally am going to have a hard time seeing them reunited if there is not some promise either on-screen or behind the scenes that they are done messing around and their relationship will not become a focal point again.

What are your thoughts on the Olicity relationship? Do you like them together? Or rather see them apart as friends? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: TV Line

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