ready player one

One of the most visually amazing features of ‘Ready Player One‘ was the virtual world of The OASIS and a new featurette for the film has shown how Steven Spielberg brought this digital playground to life. Ernest Cline‘s novel revolved around a virtual reality world where everyone went to escape their day to day troubles, and almost 60 percent of the movie took place within this digital world.

With such a realistic CGI paradise needing to be made it was an amazing piece of work to translate this onto the big screen, and this new behind-the-scenes video shows exactly how it was done.

You can see how work was done on the motion capture stage right here:


As you can see here, we see the stage, the motion capture technology, and some of how it ended up on the big screen. Clocking in at just over a minute and a half they don’t have time to bring viewers through the complete process, but it is a good tease as to how the film was built from the ground up.

To be able to incorporate not only this much CGI in a film but the motion capture aspects as well is pretty exciting to see.

The home release of the movie is set to have over 90-minutes of special features and extended clips which will have more details like this one for fans of Speilberg’s work to check out! I’m hoping that more behind-the-scenes videos of how the special effects were created are included as well.

Did you enjoy seeing how ‘Ready Player One’ was brought to life? Even if you didn’t enjoy the story were you able to appreciate the fantastic visuals which Steven Spielberg was able to bring to life? Share your thoughts below!

You can already pick up a digital copy of ‘Ready Player One,’ and it will be coming out as a home release on July 24th, 2018!

Source: Comic Book Movie