Aliens 3

As a massive fan of the potential of the ‘Alien’ franchise from the first two films and an even bigger fan of William Gibson‘s writing, I am thrilled to tell you that Dark Horse Comics is set to deliver us his screenplay for ‘Alien 3’ in comic form. Yes, the original and unproduced ‘Alien 3‘ script is coming to us with the help of writer and artist Johnnie Christmas which we’re now counting down the days to read. Colors were handled by colors by Tamra Bonvillain (‘Doom Patrol,’ ‘Uncanny Avengers’) and there will be alternate covers by James Harren, Daniel Warren Johnson, Paolo Rivera, Tradd Moore, and Christian Ward.

While some of Gibson’s work did end up in the cinematic version of ‘Alien 3,’ most of them were changed or removed before the script was finished let along the movie shot. Gibson’s work with novels such as ‘Neuromancer,’ ‘Count Zero,’ and ‘Mona Lisa Overdrive’ have defined the cyberpunk genre, and now we’re finally getting a chance to see what he would have done with the ‘Alien’ franchise.

The plot for the comic defines it as:

Following the deadly events of Aliens, the Union of Progressive Peoples intercepts the spaceship carrying the hibernating bodies of Ripley, Hicks, Newt, and Bishop. But unbeknownst to them, they have also picked up another deadly passenger whose discovery will unleash a race between two governments to weaponize the xenomorph in this horrifying and poignant Cold War-themed thriller.

I’m pretty sure you can all see that right off the bat we’re in for a massive plot change.

Oh, did I mention that we have some preview pages? Because we do! Check these out!

The first issue of the five-part series of ‘William Gibson’s Alien 3’ will be on sale on November 7th, 2018!

Are you looking forward to checking out this adaptation of William Gibson’s work? Do you feel that this might have been an ‘Alien 3’ that we should have gotten instead of the film going off the official synopsis? Share your thoughts below!