Is anyone surprised at all that the classic 1958 horror film ‘The Blob‘ is going to get a reboot? Probably not.  What is surprising is that Simon West (‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,’ ‘The Expendables 2’) is going to be helming the film.

Not known for horror, it will be an interesting new direction for the helmer. The film is already moving forward and being co-produced by Goldcrest Films with principal photography set to begin this summer. Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten are on board to produce.

While we don’t know how different the new iteration of this creature will be, the first movie starred Steve McQueen. In the film a meteor crashed into the outskirts of Downington, PA and from it emerged The Blob! A Jello-like alien which ate everyone in its path. Only the alien oozed more than jiggled but the visual was quite similar.

Being set in modern day times, with such easy access to technology, could provide a wealth of possibilities on having the public be made aware of the creature as well as new ways to try and stop it.

According to the Managing Director of Goldcrest, Pascal Degove, “Simon West has a unique gift for blending cutting edge effects, awesome visual spectacle and a hint of humor. He’s the perfect choice to reimagine The Blob and we’re so excited to be partnering with him.”

As a general rule, I am fully against remakes though I’m on the fence on this one. The movie is old enough that modern day special effects could really give us an interesting take on ‘The Blob’ while modern day technology could relieve us of some of the suspense that the original was able to build on.

What are your thoughts on a new take on this classic horror film?

Source: Deadline.