Kristen Wiig Wonder Woman 1984

Filming of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is underway, with Kristen Wiig portraying Barbara Minerva, better known as the Cheetah, the villain of the film.  In this form, Wiig’s character is naturally stronger and more athletic than normal and she has been captured utilizing these skills for the movie.

Youtube user GGMEHD has posted a video of Wiig in action.  She doesn’t appear to be in costume or wearing a motion capture suit, so it’s unclear if this is actually being filmed for the movie or if this is a rehearsal.  She is being coached by a stunt coordinator, though, to ensure her movements are just right.  Check out this video below:


You can also see her in action in these clips posted to Twitter:

There have been multiple versions of The Cheetah.  In modern comics, she is typically depicted as a half-human, half-animal creature, so perhaps Wiig’s appearance will change via CGI.  Then again, there have been Cheetahs that were simply humans with added accessories like razor sharp claws.

Wiig is shown in one of the photos with a cat-like snarl on her face, so maybe there will be some enhancements in post-production.

Director Patty Jenkins is once more on board for this latest Wonder Woman adventure.  Also returning are Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman herself and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, somehow miraculously rescued from the dead.  Pedro Pascal is cast in the film, but his role is undisclosed.  It is believed that he is playing a god, so it’s possible that he is playing Urzkartaga, the being responsible for Barbara Minerva’s transformation into the Cheetah.

There may be more ‘Wonder Woman’ news next week when Warner Brothers hosts several panels at San Diego Comic-Con.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ leaps into theaters on November 1, 2019.