Hoping to cash in on the craze brought on by the film ‘The Hunger Games,’ it’s no surprise that production companies are looking at other young adult novels to adapt into movies. We reported earlier today on a different book being shopped around named ‘Starters’ seeking the same fame, and now here’s another hopeful. The production company Black Forest Film Group is eager to fill the spot with this book called ‘Quarenteen: The Losers.’

‘Quarenteen: The Losers’ is the first of a trilogy written by Lex Thomas which is actually a pseudonym for the writing team Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies and will be released in July of this year. It’s described as a cross between ‘The Warriors’ and ‘Lord of the Flies’ and is a sci-fi thriller set in a world where high school kids are quarantined in their high school by the military after an explosion infects them with a virus that is deadly to adults. The students begin to form gangs based on social cliques. Instead of battling for popularity, they fight for survival. In this first book, the lives of two brothers who are trying to survive on their own become complicated when a girl threatens to come between them. Here’s the book description from Amazon:

It was just another ordinary day at McKinley High—until a massive explosion devastated the school. When loner David Thorpe tried to help his English teacher to safety, the teacher convulsed and died right in front of him. And that was just the beginning.

A year later, McKinley has descended into chaos. All the students are infected with a virus that makes them deadly to adults. The school is under military quarantine. The teachers are gone. Violent gangs have formed based on high school social cliques. Without a gang, you’re as good as dead. And David has no gang. It’s just him and his little brother, Will, against the whole school.

In this frighteningly dark and captivating novel, Lex Thomas locks readers inside a school where kids don’t fight to be popular, they fight to stay alive.

Thomas and Voorhies will be adapting their book into a screenplay. The project already has some great producers behind it such as Mark Morgan (executive producer of the ‘Twilight’ movies) and Kami Garcia (author of ‘Beautiful Creatures’). Rounding off the producers are E. Thompson, Brett Hudson, Rachel Miller and Jesse Hara.

‘Quarenteen’ (aka ‘Quarentine’) may still be in the development phase but what do you think of it as another potential movie franchise?