‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #680 was the first half of a two-part story in which Spider-Man and his pal Johnny Storm (aka Human Torch) head to the Apogee 1 space station to rescue the crew after Doctor Octopus’ octobots invade. As the issue ended, Spidey, Torch, and John Jameson were franticly trying to find a way off the station only to discover that the octobots had attached themselves to the rest of the crew, transforming them into space octo-zombies!

As this issue opens, the heroes must flee so that they don’t actually hurt the crew. The plan is to get off the station and return with the rest of the Avengers. But Doc Ock is keeping an eye on what’s happening aboard the station and, whenever the heroes get close to an escape, he shuts off their route. Back on Earth, the crew of Horizon Labs is watching helplessly and weathering the vicious wrath of J. Jonah Jameson. Did I mention that John was his son?

The rest of the issue is chaos as Spidey and Torch bicker like an old married couple while trying to come up with a plan that won’t end up with the entire crew burning up in orbit. In the end, things turn out (mostly) good, but whatever Doc Ock was up to on the station must have been successful since the ‘Ends of the Earth’ story arc starts up next issue. That one’s going to see Spidey and his Avengers pals facing off against the Sinister Six under the command of a dying Doctor Octopus.

This space station arc, while not the best thing that Dan Slott has done, is still a fun ride. It’s helped by the fact that Spidey and Johnny’s banter as they each try to one-up each other during the rescue is so great. If it weren’t for the humor in the dialogue, I would’ve been bored to tears by what is essentially a rather boring space rescue story.

The art for this arc is by Giuseppe Camuncoli and I’m digging it so far. His pencil-work is very reminiscent of John Romita, Jr. in most aspects, yet his Spider-Man seems less cartoon-like. It’s a good mix.

I can’t wait to see where things go next since Doc Ock is dying and has literally nothing to lose and I expect that his last plan will be something truly brutal. Find out next issue when ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #682 hits!

Verdict: Buy