G. Willow Wilson Wonder Woman

G. Willow Wilson made it big with Marvel having created fan-favorite ‘Ms. Marvel‘ and now she’s the latest big name creator to pull a Brian Michael Bendis and head over to DC Comics. While having already penned every issue of ‘Ms. Marvel’ to date, it sounds like this creator has sadly decided to leave the character she created behind and move on to the most widely recognized woman in comics – ‘Wonder Woman.’

The news broke on this week’s DC All-Access where publisher Dan Didio shared the story. I don’t think anyone can blame her for wanting to tackle the most significant female comic character to be created, but this has me worried what it will mean for the tone and future of ‘Ms. Marvel.’

According to Wilson:

“I’m delighted to be writing such an iconic character as Wonder Woman and to be working with DC once again. With more than 75 years of history, Wonder Woman has a wealth of backstory and drama to draw from, and I look forward to putting a spin on Diana and her supporting cast that’s both new, yet familiar. It’ll be a challenge to do her justice, but I like a challenge and can’t wait to get started.”

While her work on ‘Ms. Marvel’ is what put Wilson on the map, before her exclusive agreement with Marvel which just came to an end she had previously worked on ‘Superman,’ ‘Vixen’ and Cairo.’

Her first story for ‘Wonder Woman’ will be called “The Just War” and will have her working with artist Cary Nord (‘Conan,’ ‘The Unexpected’) and will see Steve Trevor go missing in the middle of a revolution in an Eastern European country, and Wonder Woman heads over to try and help him. Things get a bit more complicated when we see that Ares is no longer being held captive in the unbreakable prison in Themyscira and seems to be doing more good than evil here.

It sounds like we’re going to be introduced to two massive plot points right off the bat in Wilson’s work when ‘Wonder Woman’ #58 drops on November 14th, 2018!

Are you looking forward to seeing what G. Willow Wilson can do with ‘Wonder Woman’ going forward? Do you worry that this means ‘Ms. Marvel’ is going to suffer in quality? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly