Demimonde J.J. Abrams
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While we don’t have a lot of details yet about HBO’s upcoming ‘Demimonde‘ series which was created by J.J. Abrams, there is word that Bash Doran (‘Boardwalk Empire,’ ‘The Looming Tower’) has been tapped as the showrunner for the series. Bash is set to be the lead writer and an executive producer for the project so he will be intimately tied to every detail of production. Most of the series that HBO airs these days are fantastic and when J.J. Abrams is involved, the stakes are even higher as we can expect some excellent storytelling and production value being delivered.

As this is an Abrams project, it is shrouded in mystery. The logline for the series is vague and describes it as “an epic and intimate sci-fi fantasy drama” which could mean anything under the sun is possible. However, a somewhat clearer description was previously reported of the show that describes the work in process as being “centered around a world’s battle against a monstrous, oppressive force.”

Now that sounds like it could be something worth getting into! Since the series description is a bit open-ended, there’s a large variety of scenarios it could be about. With the logline using the words “a world”, the series could likely be set on an alien planet and not Earth.

HBO seems like a prime network for a new Abrams outing with the success of ‘Westworld’ though he still has his hands full with upcoming films such as ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ and Hulu’s upcoming Stephen King-inspired series ‘Castle Rock.’

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Demimonde’ as more details about the series become clear? Do you think that Bash Doran is prepared to develop a science fiction epic brought to us by J.J. Abrams? Being from Abrams could this take place in the Cloverfield universe? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly